Christmas Season!

I’m new to WordPress, learning even the basics, so I figured I’d also try out their new blogger APP while I’m up to my eyeballs in new tutorials. 

Blogging on the go seems to be my jam- especially in this season of life. 

The girls loved that Savvy made Jingle balls snapchats story, ha!

Brooklyn Bedding and iheart radio gave our girls and friends an opportunity to travel to LA this past weekend to meet some singers and attend their annual Jingle Ball. 

There was tons of happy tears, piles of gratitude and an overall amazing time within our party of 8!  

I was the lone chaperone as John was traveling for business. But let me tell you, these sweet girls made this all easy as pie.

We walked downtown Los Angeles, shopped, ate, laughed, and enjoyed the new sights. 

I don’t know if all these dozen or so photos will post — here’s Kayli’s video guaranteed to make even Scrooge smile :))


Girls Trip